Alia Metcalf

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Photo by In Her Image Photography

Back when I lived in New York City over 20 years ago, I found myself the unwitting target of someone hell bent on trying to ruin things in my life. The worst part: I had no idea who was doing this to me for months.

This person left multiple messages…

Recently an online event that featured me as a contributor selected this photo of me for their promotion. It’s from years ago and it took me aback seeing it again. I look at it and I marvel at the power and confidence I am embodying. …

It started with a statement of possibility — I am the possibility of being courageously, outrageously self expressed — that I created in the Landmark Forum 17 years ago.

Ultimately I just wanted to free myself. …

Alia Metcalf

Alia Metcalf aka ALIA is an Electronic Music Producer, Founder of Femvolution™, and Women’s Coach writing on self-expression.

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